Video – Authorities in California ask church to stop feeding the homeless – CBS News Reports


Video Published on Nov 9, 2017, by CBS News – Authorities in California ask church to stop feeding the homeless.



  1. This is shameful and with an agenda that does harm to the poor and needy.

    I live in New York City and we’ve seen this before, the latest under Barack Obama whose metaphor is “You didn’t build that, we meaning the government built that.” The intent is for people to become even more dependent on government or go hungry and homeless.

    Years ago, when I worked very late, the firm I worked for would put me in a cab to home. There was a homeless organization that at midnight every night regardless of weather conditions would pull its van up outside of Grand Central Station exit on Lexington Avenue.
    They fed the homeless a late night dinner from soup to nuts.

    I always felt that it was one of the greatest acts of giving that I had until then witnessed in New York City.

    Then comes Michael Bloomberg. Once in City Hall, someone, I suspect Bloomberg began a campaign against that particular agency. They were accused of mishandling funds and when that did not work, they accused the volunteers who would set up a table every day with a huge empty water container to collect donations for the organization.

    One or two unscrupulous individuals (or plants) were caught in the act. It was at this point that Nanny Bloomberg pounced banning this organization, church groups and restaurants from donating food to the homeless which is now illegal in New York City.

    Unfortunately for New York City’s poor and needy, groups and New Yorkers fought Bloomberg harder on soda bans than they did this.

    Bloomberg’s banning of feeding the poor and needing except through “government-approved” groups is among the many acts of unkindess New Yorkers would soon witness under Bloomberg.

  2. Stop A CHURCH, from helping others. There should be praises that people care, especially A CHURCH. This church helps physically with nourishment, once a week, helps mentally and spiritually with love and support to the needy, poor, homeless. Sure there’s always those who abuse the system, but you also have those who just need that extra hand of support to get motivated and move on. Hopefully they too will pass it forward, with kindness as well. How sad is this when A CHURCH cant do its Christian duty… helping thy neighbor. Loving God above ourselves.
    Dear Heavenly Father, please intervene in this travesty. I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

    Thank you for sharing and let’s pray for all humanity. God bless.

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